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Our Fishing App Needs Your Ideas

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  • Capt. JumpinJon
    Capt. JumpinJon  · August 25, 2012
    Hey Rob its funny I was looking to see if you had an app that would post my tweets from twitter here on the worldwide fishing club and then I came across your posting here. Wonder if thats a coininscedence I think not, but anyways there is an app on...  more
  • Patrick Tennyson
    Patrick Tennyson  · June 12, 2012
    I think an app for local, national and international competitions under different heading for example game fish, course fish, sea fish would be great. Hope it comes together for you.
  • Rob Oliver
    Rob Oliver  · June 9, 2012
    Bait Tech , Your right this site as an app first is got to be my first step then go from there maybe make a network of apps over time , because yer the last thing i want is something slow, This site being perfect is also bang on the money i surpose i was...  more
  • Bait Tech
    Bait Tech  · June 8, 2012
    that's a LOT to think about and do! Start small and build as you do not want to lose your credibility by getting it wrong. It will take a lot of maintaining & updating - will you have the skills AND the time.....and the money?

    Check out all the other...  more

Our Fishing App Needs Your Ideas

Posted By Rob Oliver     May 25, 2012    


For the last year I have been thinking and working towards creating my first app , at first i was a little conflicted about building an app for fishing because I’ve always had a rule no phones when fishing but I started this journey with the mind set of creating the worlds biggest fishing club with  the best tools for fisherman and fisherwoman worldwide and well I just have to keep up with the times when I’m on this journey, and aps are just huge at the moment


Basically I’ll be blunt here I knew nothing really about building apps and I still don’t , however I’m very aware that there is just a ton of people using them and not many people making them , which makes me really want to learn more about them and how to do it right so I’m taking a course starting in June to help me with this whole thing because I want to make sure I get this right the first time.


Today I’m going to share with you some of the ideas i have had so far and hopefully see if any of you have any ideas or comments on the matter. Together we are stronger and maybe I can get some good ideas from you guys on how to make this better for everyone.


Ok so I want of course to have worldwide  weather that seems pretty important and good weather reports , also moons, and of course tides , also a direct connection to our sites database including the ability to directly take a photo on your phone and upload it directly to your albums , we will be able to watch videos and also take video on the phone and upload that directly to the club as well, I think it would be cool to be able to view and list events local and worldwide  , and to use an advanced live chat between members . I have ideas of including some form of GPS tagging so we can have live worldwide fishing comps and for the members who decide to enter in these can see where every other member is fishing around the world at that time , with live time photo and video uploads so we can catch and release . And of course it must have our  wall posting and reading of our clubs main wall.


So those are the main things I have in mind so far and all going well  I’d like to have it all sorted within a few of months , but like I said I’m still learning this stuff , I have been playing around with it for a few months already but have realised it’s a whole new world for me , which is why I have to learn more about aps , but I don’t mind that because its clearly the new direction of the web, I already know some people who have skipped owning a PC or Laptop and gone straight to iphone or smart phone and they buy or use aps everyday .


 So for me a web guy I’m very exciting to be starting my training the course looks great and is explained in full for anyone interested at  www.apempire.com .  I’ll start my training from June 1st or June 6th im not sure but main thing is I’m confident it will bring me up to speed with this process.


Im defiantly doing this as its like a career move for me but importantly I’d like to ask you all your thoughts on this idea , which is why I made this a featured blog post to ask if there is anything I can add to this app that you think would make it better for everyone , because the more time I spend on this community of ours the more I see the many different aspects of all sorts of fishing styles.  And I don’t want to miss anything out if it’s possible. DO it once do it right was the Moto when I started this.


So first I guess the most important question to ask is.


Do you fisherman and fisherwoman out there even have a smart phone, or want one in the future?


And second is there anything you would like to be included in this ap?  If there is here is defiantly the place to make note of that in the comments below.


Even if you don’t have a smart phone yet I’d like to know your thoughts good or bad because this is a pretty large project and every point of view really helps and together I’m sure we can make this better than if I was to just do this myself.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and please if you have any thoughts at all, make a comment I have about 6 days before the course starts ( exciting stuff ) :) but a good 2 months of time from then to get things right i would think and this is really something that I’m very keen to get opinions on.


May the fishing gods be smiling on you and tight lines to you all.

Cheers Rob