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A passion for fishing

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  • Leon Checinski
    Leon Checinski  · May 25, 2013
    Well done Pali. You made me want to put up some of my stories also. Was brave to tell your story man good job.
  • Innky DaSquid
    Innky DaSquid  · March 19, 2012
    Maybe one day when it's time, I hope I can write one just like yours Tobias. Thank you for your wonderful blog.
  • Bill Goudy
    Bill Goudy  · March 18, 2012
    Outstanding Pali! I would like it if you just continued where you left off. Everyday is a new adventure! Bring us along to where you are today just a little bit at a time! For an example: I know there are some mighty fine catches, releases, and tackle...  more
  • Rob Oliver
    Rob Oliver  · March 18, 2012
    hahaha me too i couldnt imagine selling my Fishing Rods. Mate what a great post thanks for the story , it was a great read even though images arnt working yet in blogs i could still see everything you were talking about . and im sure many others will...  more

A passion for fishing

Posted By Pali Fisher     March 17, 2012    


A passion for fishing - By Pali


An introduction of an angling addict; Powered by Passion


This is my first blog entry here at the worldwide fishing club; in fact it’s my first blog entry ever. I used to have an online diary on a gardening site, where I would do daily or weekly updates on my passion for indoor and greenhouse gardening. Share pictures and helpful step-by-step information, DIY tutorials on hydroponic grow systems and True Aeroponics. That later led me to write product reviews for an European gardening magazine published in 5 languages, I have traveled as far as to Australia to optimize greenhouses for flower production. But enough about all that, this is a blog about my passion for fishing.


It all started with my granddad taking me fishing a summer when I was a small kid, no more than 6 years old. Fishing in the stream running not far from their house, he showed me how to tie my first knots and how far from the cork we should place the hook n worm. We would sit for many hours that summer fishing, just talking and looking for that cork float to go under. We would eat the lunch my grandmother had prepared us, he would drink a cold beer and I would drink my grandmother’s homemade fruit cordial, and if I was really lucky I would maybe get a soda pop.


I have always loved the outdoors, as a kid I grew up on a small farm where we grew all our veggies, milked our cow and slaughtered our own animals for meat. I didn’t have a lot of fancy toys, no PlayStations and Xbox’s around back then (later I would get a Comodore64). My best friend was my ET bike (BMX bike) and my fishing rod, after watching Steven Spielberg’s Movie ET in the 80’s every real boy wanted a BMX bike. They were common known here as the ET bike. I would ride that for several miles on dirt roads, with a backpack on my back. Packed with my small telescopic rod, a small tackle box, my lunchbox with a few sammies and something to drink. Riding to the nearest trout lake, there I would hide my bike in the forest scrubs and sneak into the pay lake area. Crossing a stream by a knocked over tree, as I didn’t have money to pay for the fishing. Being around 7-8 years old, no one really paid any attention to me anyway. Everyone would think I was with my parents there, but the fact being I can’t really recall my dad ever taking me fishing just him and me. After some time the owner started to notice I was there a lot, but never gave me any trouble about it. Told me to pay when I could and when I could not it was okay too, but it would be better if I parked my bike in the parking area and walked on the trails to the pond, instead of hiding in the bushes and risking falling in the cold stream, crossing it all by myself in the forest with no one to help me if I had fallen in.


As a teen I had a good friend from school who also loved to fish and I would often go fishing with him and his dad, his dad introduced us to Northern pike fishing and taught me how to smoke trout and eel. They had a family cabin near a great fishing stream, where we would go for a week at a time in the school vacations. There was a river lock, which was used to flood the hatchery’s ponds on the other side of the stream.

In the two lock boxes we would fish for eel, by putting a handful of worms in a nylon stocking. Tie a knot on it and tie it to a strong braid line, add a sinker and sink one to the bottom off each lock box. Later once we had our first trout’s, we would pull out our nylon stockings and there would 9 out of 10 times be at least a few eels hanging onto it. Due to their backward facing teeth the eel can’t let go of the nylon once they bite into it, it’s in fact so effective that it have later been banned here and is now considered an illegal fishing technique.

The fresh trout’s and eels where gutted, cleaned and smoked in our transportable smoke oven. Less than an hour later we would have a lunch worthy of kings, sitting in the beautiful nature enjoying each others company and listening to the birds singing around us. My friends dad would tell us about the birds, there songs and stories from when he was a kid fishing this stream.


What happened then, well I moved out from my parent’s house short after I turned 17 to study in another part of the country. Found a sweet girl and being young and foolish, she ended up getting pregnant; we got married and had a beautiful daughter together. I have never regretted this for one second, it’s been hard from time to time and yeah I did not get to travel around India, the States and all the other cool places many of my friends would go travel for months or even a year at a time in some cases. On the other side I had a beautiful daughter, a character building experience of a wife getting sick during her pregnancy.

There I was a 18 year old kid, with my first apartment, living with my wife who was pregnant with my child. She got sick and for the last 5 months of the pregnancy, wasn’t able to do much but laying down. She was not allowed to lift anything heavier than two pounds, and so it was for about 18 months after the birth too. I had quit my school to get a job; I was working to provide for my new family. When I wasn’t working, I was shopping, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry.


I don’t know if we simply grew apart or if my wife just got too used to me doing all these things at home, when she was doing nothing but after she got well it never really got the same again. I didn't want to be doing everytihing athome no more, I wanted to pursue my dream, so I used the last money I had saved up from before I met her and from selling my fishing gear. I took a course as a Body piercer and opened my own piercing studio; something I had wanted to do since I was 15 but my parents always told me was bad idea.


A few months later my wife asked for a divorce – I moved into my new studio - we stayed friends and I had my daughter 50% of the time. Today she is 14 years old; she loves fishing, horseback riding and the outdoors.


Then I went in the army in my early 20's, had to close my studio. Here it’s a lottery, you pull a number and depending on what number you get you have to join the army. I was not happy about this, but I tried to get the best out of a bad situation. It ended up costing me pretty much everything I had, when I got out again I had nothing but my daughter. I lost my new Girlfriend who also screwed up my lease on my studio/apartment, so I ended up living on a couch at a friend’s place till I was able to get back on my feet.

Finally I got myself a new place, a good job and everything was back on track. I had not been out fishing now for 5 or 7 years, one day a buddy asked me how I would feel about going fishing with him. I was sold, I think he could see my eyes light up as a kid on Christmas morning. I told him that was probably the best idea I had heard for a long long time. (We already did a lot of outdoor activitys together, from tree climbing to camping in shelters in the surrounding nature) The very next day we went out picking up a new rod for me, got myself a Lawson Kodiak 8 ft. 10-30 gram spinning rod and an Okuma Stingray reel, for around 200$ and some light fishing tackle to go with it. A good rod and reel in a cheaper end, which have really proven itself worth any penny. I still use both on a very regular basis now close to 10 years later, for everything from trout to pike fishing and small carps too.


Today I have a room in the garage dedicated to my rods, fishing gear and all the equipment I use for my passion for fishing and I will never ever again sell my equipment no matter what. I’d rather sell a kidney on the black market then sell my rods!



If you read so far, give me a few more seconds of you time and leave me a comment! Thank you - Pali