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Expandable Hose Manufacturers Introduce Hose Performance

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Expandable Hose Manufacturers Introduce Hose Performance

Posted By zhangina gao     Feb 11    


The expandable hose is made of high-quality glass fiber coated cloth as a raw material and covered with high-quality stainless steel wire as a support. It is widely used in modern industrial production, even in our daily life, such as industrial, mechanical equipment industry, machine room, basement, tunnel, fire and rescue, smoke exhaust, wind and exhaust in harsh environment, and smoke and dust removal. What is the performance of a expandable hose, such as a wide range of applications, and so on?

Application: Telescopic hoses are particularly suitable for hoses requiring flame retardancy, suitable for solids such as dust and fibres, gaseous media such as steam and fumes, factory suction and dust removal, exhaust emissions, blower exhaust and welding gas emissions.

Attribute: good heat resistance, high flexibility and compression ratio of 3:1. Externally through the spiral wire to protect the wear, the external wire tightly clamps the pipe wall, the bending radius is small, it is not easy to kink, and the flame retardant basis: DIN 4102-B1.

Structure: Patented CP structure (CP is the abbreviation for clamp profile), external spiral wire support (metal piece + wire) tube wall.

Raw materials: pipe wall material: stainless steel spiral wire reinforced, special glass fiber coating, spiral wire: galvanized steel.

Temperature range: approx. -60 °C to +500 °C, short-term reach of +550 °C

Structure: patented CP structure, external spiral wire support (metal piece + wire), double wall;

The two ends of the hose are equipped with a low carbon steel ring or stainless steel clamps, zippers and other means to connect, which is convenient and quick; the length of the air duct can be extended indefinitely and the fan is connected easily, which is convenient and practical, so that the length of the customer is not used. limit.

The above is the knowledge of expandable hoses shared by the expandable hose manufacturers.