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Understand what prefabrication and prefabricated housing concepts

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Understand what prefabrication and prefabricated housing concepts

Posted By pu tian     Mar 15    


Prefabricated homes china, often referred to as prefab homes or simply prefabs, are prefabricated buildings of professional residential type that are manufactured on site, usually in standard form, and can be easily transported and assembled. Some prefabricated home designs currently include architectural details inspired by postmodernism or futuristic architecture.

The term “prefabricated” is not an industry term, such as modular homes, homes, paneled homes or on-site homes. The term is a fusion of panelized and modular building systems and can refer to any one. In today's use, the term "prefabrication" is more closely related to family style (usually modernism) than to the specific method of home building.

"Prefabricated" may refer to a building built into a component (such as a panel), a module (modular house) or a movable part (a house manufactured), and may also be used to refer to a mobile house, that is, a house on a wheel. Although similar, the methods and designs of the three are very different. There are two levels of family planning, as well as a customized family plan. There are big differences in building types. In the United States, mobile and manufactured homes are built to HUD building codes, while modular homes are built in accordance with IRC (International Residential Code).

Modular residential sections are created and then transported to the home for construction and installation. These are usually installed and processed like ordinary homes for financing, evaluation and construction purposes, and are usually the most expensive of the three. Although the various parts of the house are prefabricated, these parts or modules are placed together in a building, just like a typical house. Once the building is placed on a permanent basis, it is considered the same assessment purpose as a modular or on-site building.

The manufactured house is built on steel beams and transported to the home site in a complete part where it is assembled. When the house is placed on a permanent foundation, the wheels, hooks and axles will be removed. Prefabricated homes China can also be placed on private land unless the land is part of a CC&R ban on manufacturing houses.

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