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    • Last updated July 24, 2013
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  • Rob Oliver
    Rob Oliver  · April 21, 2013
    Cheers Brain ill look into it asap
  • Brian McAllister
    Brian McAllister  · April 4, 2012
    Sorry if this is not the place to put it. Just tried to post, when I ran spell check it blanked my blog post, then erased everything and took me back to the main blog page I'll try again and hope that everyone will excuse typo's.
  • Rob Oliver
    Rob Oliver  · March 16, 2012
    Comment to myself for a test

Small Error But should be all fixed in a few hours

Posted By Rob Oliver     March 16, 2012    


Well Member Blogs are almost ready to go , im leaving them live tonight to test out if spammers will be able to access them without a captcha , would be best for us if the answer to that is no , only a live test can determine this and if the captcha is needed then its a very easy fix ...


Images im figureing out now but text so far , certainly seems all good and well the fundermentals of this section are all system go.. 


So wont be long at all and everyone will be able to start there own blog, actually you can start now , just you can upload images yets to your blogs ..



Cheers and hope you enjoy this new part of our site ..



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